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Public Scrutiny of Candidates’ Nomination Documents

The Election Commission of Bhutan, as required under the Sections 213 and 214 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008 is pleased to hereby publish the Affidavits and Asset Declarations filed by the Candidates of the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and People’s Democratic Party contesting the Bye-Election 2013, for Public Scrutiny and information.

Any discrepancy in the information furnished by a Candidate with regard to his/her nomination which may be found to be inaccurate or incomplete or has been suppressed substantially may be pointed out to the Returning Officer or Election Commission of Bhutan by any person, with bonafide reason for doing so, to:.

1.      Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

          Mobile No.: 17602000

          Email A  dress: kwangdi@druknet.bt

2.     Returning Officer, Nanong_ShumarDemkhong

         Mobile No.: 17908817

          Email Address: nanongshumar@gmail.com

Issued on 25th of October 2013 corresponding to the 21st Day of the Ninth Month of the Water Female Snake Year.

By Order, 



(Kunzang Wangdi)

Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

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