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Copyright & Disclaimer


All information and materials contained in this website are the properties of the Election Commission of Bhutan. No part of the materials or information extracted or downloaded from the website may be used for any other purpose. Anyone wishing to use the name, photo, video or any material thereof only for personal purpose may do so with the permission or acknowledgement of the Election Commission of Bhutan.


While we endeavor to keep the most correct and up-to- date information, this website must not be used by users in any illegal and fraudulent manner or for harmful and unlawful purpose.

Any contribution of material in the form of text, photographs, graphics, audio or video made to this website shall be considered as permission granted, and free of charge to use in any way we require. We take the right to modify or delete the material if deemed necessary.

While we put every effort to keep the website running, we are not liable for temporary unavailability of materials or inability to access any material caused due to technical issues that are beyond our control. We have no control over the nature and content of any other website that can be connected through the links provided herein. Neither we are responsible and liable for any difficulty in connecting to these linked websites nor do we recommend or endorse the views presented therein.

The laws of the Kingdom of Bhutan shall govern your use of the site and you hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bhutanese courts.

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