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Public Notification – Conduct of meetings… leading up to NA 2023-24

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) would like to inform all concerned that ​​the 3rd National Assembly of Bhutan will complete its tenure on 31st October, 2023. Thereupon, the ECB will be issuing a notification calling the 4th National Assembly (NA) elections in November, 2023 and as required by law, conduct the 4th NA elections within 90 days. 

With the elections fast approaching, there appears to be a growing confusion as to whether meetings, seminars, workshops, surveys, training, research, etc. can be conducted or not in the period leading up to the NA elections, 2023-24.

The ECB would like to urge all concerned that such activities/events may be conducted/organized until the end of October, 2023 or after 31st January, 2024. Therefore, pre-scheduled activities/events that are coinciding with the election period may accordingly be either preponed or deferred.

The ECB is of the view that permitting such activities/events during the election period would become an unnecessary distraction for the Dzongkhag Election Authorities that need to otherwise remain fully focused on successfully conducting the upcoming NA elections, 2023-24.

In light of the above, the ECB seeks the understanding and full cooperation of all stakeholders.

Election Commission of Bhutan

14th August, 2023

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