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This is to inform that the Delimitation of Dzongkhag Thromdes in 15 Dzongkhags and

Dzongkhag Yenlag Thromdes in 18 Dzongkhags were completed and notified vide

Delimitation Commission of Bhutan’s Notification No: DC/CHAIR/2015/1430 dated

15th of July 2015.


Accordingly, all Registered Voters of the affected Gewogs and Chiwogs with their

Mitsi under Dzongkhag Thromdes and Dzongkhag Yenlag Thromdes are advised to

obtain their Voter Photo Identity Cards (VPIC) by contacting the respective

Dzongkhag Election Offices (DzEOs) or the Election Commission of Bhutan,

Thimphu starting from 1st of September 2015 so that s/he would be able to Vote or

Stand as a Candidate in the Dzongkhag Thromde Elections from the preferred



Issued on the Fifth Day of the Sixth Month of the Female Wood Sheep Year

corresponding to 21st of July 2015.



By Order 

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