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Bye-Election Notification

The Election Commission of Bhutan had called the Bye-Elections for:

  1.  Gup in Kawang Gewog under Thimphu Dzongkhag;
  2. Gewog Tshogde Tshogpa in Phootsena_Ngatse Chiwog, Gakiling Gewog under Haa Dzongkhag;
  3. Kachhen_Kuchhen Chiwog, Tendruk Gewog, Samtse Dzongkhag; and
  4. Phuensoomgang Chiwog, Gosarling Gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag

vide notification No.ECB/ CECNOTIF-01/2015/1435, on 16th of July 2015, with the Poll Day on 14th of August 2015 and the last date for filing the nomination documents on 25th of July 2015

Since no contestant had come to file nomination for the posts of Kawang Gup, Thimphu Dzongkhag and Gewog Tshode Tshogpa of Phuensoomgang Chiwog, Gosarling Gewog, Tsirang Dzongkhag, the Election Commission of Bhutan hereby notifies the general public that the Elections for these two vacancies will be conducted later only along -with the Local Government, 2016.


Issued on the 13th Day of the Six Month of the Wood Female Sheep Year corresponding to 29th of July 2015.

By Order

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