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ECB Meets DEOs and TEOs


Since today’s youth and students are the future voters and candidates to elective offices under the Drugi Tsathrim Chhenmo, it is essential that they are not only fully knowledgeable but their interest to play an active and positive role in the democratic system is fostered in a positive way. The Election Commission of Bhutan considers it vital that they are educated and prepared to become responsible members of an engaged society, as part of our ongoing responsibility to educate and inform all Bhutanese citizens on electoral democracy and the importance of participation.


As the youth and students in the schools and educational institutions are at the core of the Nation’s citizenry, the promotion of Democracy Clubs as platforms for them to learn electoral democracy was started beginning the academic year 2013.


As of date a total of 63 schools and educational institutions have established Democracy Clubs in the very first year with seventy-five schools waiting registration by the Election Commission. This was made possible by the whole-hearted support of many Administrators and Club Coordinators in the Dzongkhags and academic centers as a very important learning opportunity for empowering the youth.


Towards consolidation of these positive experiences, the Election Commission of Bhutan conducted a discussion session on 6th of February 2014 with 22 Dzongkhag Education Officers (DEOs) and Thromde Education Officers (TEOs) to give better focus, co-ordination and management of those Democracy Clubs established as well as for the registration of new Clubs in other schools and educational institutions.

Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan while expressing his gratitude for their continued support and understanding towards this programme re-emphasized that it shall be the collective responsibility of the election management body and the educational authorities to prepare our youth to grow up as model citizens of a vibrant democracy.


Dated: 7th of February 2014


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Election Commission of Bhutan

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