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Declaration of the Results of the Dzongkhag Thromde Elections of Thimphu, Phuentshogling and Gelegphu

The Election Commission of Bhutan is pleased to hereby declare, as required under Section 457 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008, the results of the Thromde Elections held on 28th April 2021 for the three Dzongkhag Thromdes of Thimphu, Phuentshogling and Gelegphu.

Out of the total of 35 (26 male and 9 female) candidates who contested the elections, a total of 20 (16 male and 4 female) were successfully elected.

The details of the candidates who have been successfully elected to the three Thromde Tshogdes are as follows:

The overall voter turnout and registered voter information are as follows:

Total registered voters = 10,564 (4,968 male & 5,596 female)
Total number of votes cast = 6,281 (2,902 male & 3,379 female)

i. EVM votes = 4,428 (1,985 male & 2,443 female)
ii. Postal votes = 1,853 (917 male & 936 female)

Voter turnout = 59.46 %

The Thromde Tshogpa of Motithang demkhong under Thimphu Thromde and Trashiling demkhong under Gelegphu Thromde will remain vacant. Although the aspiring candidates of these demkhongs had submitted their nominations, the ECB could not accept their nominations as they were found to be registered members of political parties. The Election Act does not allow an aspiring candidate to contest the Local Government election if he/she is a member of a political party.

Further details of the final results are available on the Election Commission’s web page: https://results.ecb.bt/thromde2021

Recognizing the gravity of the risk posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown situation, elections in Phuentshogling Thromde was facilitated through Mobile Voting Booth for voters residing, both within the thromde and outside the thromde on 24th and 25th April, 2021.

Upon issue of this Notification, the Thromde Tshogde shall be deemed to have been duly constituted under Section 458 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008.

The general public and all stakeholders may note that the Election Petition Period of 10 working days for this Thromde elections starts from today and would end at 5 p.m. of 12th May 2021.

The Election Commission of Bhutan would like to congratulate all the elected candidates of the Third Thromde elections, 2021.

In the wake of unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases in the region and the high risk of transmission, all gatherings and celebrations shall be prohibited until such time the situation improves.

Issued on the Eighteenth Day of the Third Month of the Female Iron Ox Year, corresponding to 29th April, 2021.

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