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Training for the Electoral Officials

The Election Commission of Bhutan started, today, the training programme for the Electoral Officers who will be deputed on election duty for the Second Local Government Election as Returning Officers, National Observers and Micro Observers. The training programme will be held for three batches of officers from 13th -15th, 16th -18th and 19th– 21st of May 2016.


During the opening session, the Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner highlighted the importance of the Local Government Elections and the need for dedicated services of the electoral officials in ensuring that the 2nd phase of Second Local Government Elections is successful as envisioned by our Kings.

The objective of the training is to educate and orient on the Election Laws, highlighting the key areas of concern electoral documents;Identify and make the specific roles and responsibilities clear;Familiarize with the various Election Forms and Procedures; Provide hands-on training  through role play on Postal Ballot handling process; and use of the EVM.

The programme is considered as being very important as all officials on election duty must have a sound understanding of the electoral processes and the Electoral Laws and key legal provisions to ensure elections of a high standard. In particular, the Returning Officers, National and Micro-Observers have a vital role to play in the conduct of elections and it is imperative that they are conversant with the Electoral Laws and thorough with the election process to discharge their duties confidently and efficiently.

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