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Public Notification

The Election Commission of Bhutan would like to notify the general public that the National Council (NC) elections for the fourth Parliament will be conducted early next year. In order to ensure that candidates are conversant with electoral laws and participate meaningfully, the ECB finds it necessary to hold a seminar to brief the aspiring candidates contesting the NC Elections, 2023. The seminar would orient them on the requirements for contesting elections and deepen their understanding of the electoral processes, specifically related to the 4th NC Elections, 2023. Besides, the ECB wishes to use the seminar as the platform to respond to any query that the aspiring candidates may have regarding the election.   

In the light of the above, all individuals aspiring to contest the NC elections, 2023 are requested to register with the ECB Head Office in Thimphu or with the nearest Dzongkhag Election Offices with effect from 1st September, 2022. The seminar shall be held in October, 2022. The exact date, time and venue shall be communicated subsequently.

For further information or any clarification, please call Sri Narayan Gazmer, Chief Program Officer, Department of Election, Election Commission of Bhutan at 02- 340601, during office hours.

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