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Executive Committee Meeting of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament

In keeping with the provision of Constitution of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament, the 2nd BCP Executive Committee meeting was conducted from 17th to 18th of July 2017 in Bumthang. The meeting was chaired by Tsheten Dorji, the Speaker of BCP and attended by BCP Executive Committee members and officials from Election Commission of Bhutan.
As per the article 5, section 25 of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament Tsathrim, the member of Executive Committee consisting of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson along with three MBCPs of BCP-NA and two MBCP from BCP-NC shall meet at least once a year to formulate and determine the details of policy and Rules of Procedures.

Accordingly, the Members of BCP Executive Committee discussed on the Draft Guideline for the Members of Bhutan Children’s Parliament 2017, Rule of Procedure 2016 and recommendations from the learning visit from Scottish Youth Parliament to be tabled in 3rd Session of 2nd Bhutan Children for final approval.
As the future of Bhutan as a Democratic Nation rests on the children of today and to prepare the future electorate through proper and relevant civic and electoral education, the Election Commission of Bhutan in discharge of its sacred duty and mandate, initiated the Bhutan Children’s Parliament (BCP) under the Voter Education and Awareness Programme. The BCP was started with the adoption of the Constitution of Bhutan Children’s Parliament that took place on the auspicious 2nd of June 2015 in the Kuenray of Punakha Dzong. The adoption of the BCP Constitution was attended by 222 student representatives from 153 Democracy Clubs across the country. Since then two Sessions of the BCP have been successfully conducted from 28th of December 2015 till 8th of January 2016 and 26th of December 2016 till 6th of January 2017. BCP is one aspect of a full and comprehensive Voter Education and Awareness Programme carried out by the Election Commission of Bhutan focused especially for the School going Children, Trainees and College Students aged 24 years or less.

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