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Declaration of the Results of Bye-Election

The Election Commission of Bhutan, as required under Section 457 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008, is pleased to hereby declare the result of the Bye-Election polls held on 29th of December 2015 for the post of Gup in Gakiling Gewog under Haa Dzongkhag and Dramedtse Gewog under Monggar Dzongkhag.



The details of the Candidates who have been successfully elected for the said post are as follows:



Name Photo Chiwog Gewog Dzongkhag
Nim Dorji nim Dorithasa_Kowkha_Yangtse Gakiling Haa
Rinzin rinzin Bikhar_Thoongdari Dramedtse Monggar



The Voter Turnout and Registered Voter information are as follows:



  1. Total Registered Voters = 3233
  2. Total Number of Votes Cast = 1102(i) EVM = 1093

    (ii) Postal Ballot = 9


  3. Voter Turnout (%) = 34.1


The details of the Final Results are as follows:
(A) HAA Dzongkhag



(B) Monggar Dzongkhag



It is also hereby being notified that a member elected to fill a casual vacancy shall only serve for the remainder of his/her predecessor’s term of office as per the Section 580 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008.



The general public is hereby informed that the Election Petition Period starts from tomorrow, 30th of December 2015 and shall end at 4 P.M. on 12th of January 2016.



Issued on the Twentieth Day of the Eleventh Month of the Wood Female Sheep Year corresponding to 30th of December 2015.



By Order

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