STATISTICAL INFORMATION on Bhutan’s Third Parliamentary Elections 2018

The Statistical Information on Bhutan’s Third Parliamentary Elections 2018 is the second publication of election data by the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB). This document pr...

WOMEN IN POLITICS (Report of the 1st Election Forum)

Facts and Perceptions on ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE (EVM)

Volume IV Issue IX – Jan-Apr, 2019

  Pages : 8 Pages Language: Dzongkha/English Issue : January-April 2019 Download: CLICK HERE...

Volume III Issue VIII – Sep-Dec, 2018

Volume III Issue VII, Jan-Apr 2018

Notice Inviting Tender (Air Ticketing)

The Election Commission of Bhutan invites sealed quotations from interested ticketing agents having valid licenses for the purchase and issue of air tickets for the below-mentione...

Notice Inviting Quotation(Air Ticketing)

Notice Inviting Quotation(Air Ticketing)