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The Election Commission of Bhutan is in receipt of a complaint that despite the public being notified of the campaign embargo starting from 9 a.m. of 29th of May 2013, 48 hours before the start of the Poll for the Primary Round, some sites, blogs, tweets and FB posts including Bhutanomics have been found to continue posting materials that are in favour and/defamatory and against Political Parties contesting the Elections.

All such postings are illegal as they are in violation of the Electoral Laws.

While the Election Commission of Bhutan has faith in the electorate that they will not be misguided or misled by false or fictitious information, as they exercise their independent and intelligent judgment, it condemns such irresponsible and illegal acts on the part of those responsible for such social media posts and they are advised to remove them immediately failing which drastic measures would be initiated.


Director cum Secretary of Election Commission of Bhutan

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