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Public Notification

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) notifies the general public that the Paper Ballot Facilitation Booth (PBFB) and Mobile Voting Booth (MVB) for the 3rd Local Government Elections will be launched from 11th to 15th   December, 2021 in all the 20 Dzongkhags. There are 96,084 voters registered to vote through PBFB and 15,186 to vote through MVB. Anticipating the movement of large number of voters and election officials during the five-day operation of the PBFB and MVB, the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission due to crowding is high. Further, the highly transmissible Omicron variant which is also detected in neighbouring countries could pose additional risk. 

In view of the above, the ECB appeals to the general public, including the voters and election officials, to strictly comply with the COVID-19 Health Safety Protocols issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH) during the operation of the PBFB and MVB. The ECB also requests the RBP and the Desuups that all COVID-19 safety measures such as wearing face masks, washing hands or using hand sanitizer and maintaining physical distance are enforced at all times to mitigate the risk of local transmission.

The ECB is grateful to the people residing in the high risk Dzongkhags and would like to acknowledge with gratitude the hard work of the frontline workers, including the RBP personnel and Desuups, for creating an enabling environment for conducting the 3rd LG Elections, 2021. The ECB also solicits similar support from all stakeholders in holding this election successfully in a free and fair manner.  

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