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[English Translation for reference purposes only]


The Election Commission of Bhutan would like to inform the general public that in order to ensure that the electorate are well-informed on the Candidates and able to make a meaningful choice as well as to facilitate Candidates to effectively communicate and present their manifestoes to their electorates and reach more voters, Common Forums were taken right up to the Chiwog Level throughout the Country during the on-going Second Local Government Elections.

A total of 1,014 Common Forums were conducted in the Chiwogs of the 205 Gewogs, Samdrup Jongkhar Thromde and 13 Dzongkhag Thromdes between 5th of September and 21st of September 2016.

 A total of 39,629 (19,434 females and 20,105 males) participated in the Common Forums where a total of 3,402 Candidates addressed the gathering. 30 Candidates did not attend the Common Forums on medical grounds and in Goenshari Gewog under Punakha Dzongkhag due to a road block at the time of the Common Forum.

Additionally, a Public Debate for the Thrompon Candidates of Samdrup Jongkhar Thromde was conducted on 17th of September 2016 and broadcast on national TV (BBS).

Released for public information.

Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

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