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[English Translation for reference purposes only]

This is to notify the general public thatfurther to the notification calling the Second Phase of Second Local Government Election 2016 thenomination process through the Zomdus at the Chiwog/village levelsstarted from 11th of August with the last Zomdu beingheld on 28th of August 2016.

With regard to the Zomdus it may be noted that:

  1. A total of 1,052 Zomdus were conducted by a total of 90 teams from the respective Dzongkhag Election Authority in the 205 Gewogs and Samdrup Jongkhar Thromde of the 20 Dzongkhags.
  1. A total of 101,060 voters,i.e. just over 25% of the total eligible voter population, turned out to participate in theZomdus.
  1. A total of 906 (50 females and 856 males) aspiring candidates stood for theGup nomination at the Zomdus where 616(27 females – 54% and 589 males– 69%)were selected.
  1. Similarly, for the Mangmi post, a total of 926 (122 females and 804 males) aspiring candidates stood for the nomination out of which 654 (78females– 64% and 576 males -72%)were selected. In Samdrup Jongkhar Thromde there were 1 female and 2 male aspiring candidates out of which 1 female and 1 male were selectedto contest for the post of Thrompon.
  1. A total of 22Zomdus saw aspiring candidates being rejected with more “No” votes than “Yes” votes with the negative voting for 3 females and 19 There was a total of 5 cases of tied results where re-election had to be held.

The selected candidates for the Gup, Mangmi and Thrompon posts are expected to file their nomination papers to the concerned Returning Officer by 31st of August 2016 along with the respective Tshogpa Candidates.

The Scrutiny of the Nomination Papers will be carried out on 1st of September with the last date of withdrawal and starting of election campaign on 3rd of September 2016.

A dispute each has been appealed to the Central Dispute Settlement Body from Samdrup Jongkhar Thromde and Loong-Nyi Gewog of Paro Dzongkhag.

A common concern appeared to be onno postal ballot facility in theZomdu Process. The general public may like to note that for the Postal Ballot process, it is necessary for the Candidates to be already selected and known whereas it is only during the Zomdus that the Candidates are first known and selected by the electorate. This is why, the Postal Ballot is not possible in Zomdu and it is not a matter of mere inconvenience.

Released for public information.

Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

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