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Poll Day (30th November, 2023) Dos & Don’ts

This is to inform the general public that the poll day for the Primary Round of the 4th National Assembly Elections, 2023-24 is on 30th November 2023. All eligible voters are hereby reminded to take note of the following on the poll day:

1.Poll Day shall be declared as National Holiday;

2. Poll day shall be a ‘Dry Day’;

3. Restaurants and other eateries can remain open. However, sale of alcohol/liquor shall be strictly prohibited;

4. All the shops shall remain closed on the poll day;

5. All karaokes and night clubs shall remain closed from 6 pm of 29th November 2023 until the closure of poll on 30th November 2023;

6. All eligible voters shall carry original  Citizenship Identity Cards (CID) that are valid or original Voter Photo Identity Cards (VPIC) as proof of identity at the polling stations;

7. Political parties, candidates, party representatives and party coordinators/supporters are prohibited from ferrying voters;

8. Carrying of weapons/arms that can harm other individuals on the poll day is strictly prohibited;

9. The Polling time shall be from 8 AM to 4 PM; and

10. Voters must go to polling stations in National Attire.

The ECB urges all eligible voters to participate in the 4th NA Elections, 2023-24 and vote to elect the right political parties for the General Elections.

(Election Commission of Bhutan)

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