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Election Complaints-Primary Round

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) hereby informs the general public that, upon dissolution of the Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body (DEDSB) and the Central Election Dispute Settlement Body(CEDSB), the Commission received  4 election related complaints and rendered its decision on 29th November, 2023. The Commission conducted a thorough review of the complaints, examining all the  details in order to ensure a free, fair and transparent electoral process.

The details of the complaints are as follows:

Case 1: Allegation of electoral corruption was lodged by Party Representatives of DPT, DNT, DTT, and PDP against the BTP President in the Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong Demkhong. The case was dismissed by the Commission as it did not involve any violation of the electoral laws.

Case 2: Allegation of violation of electoral laws was lodged by the BTP’s Gewog Coordinator against PDP’s Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong representative. Despite affording ample opportunity to the complainant to substantiate the complaint with credible evidence, the complainant could not submit  enough evidence to prove the allegation, hence the case was dismissed.

Case 3:  Allegation of violation of electoral laws was lodged by the General Secretary of PDP against DNT’s Nubi-Tangsibji representative. The statement made by the representative in the social media group was in violation of the electoral laws and a formal warning with a fine amounting to Nu. 15,000/- was imposed.

Case 4: Allegation of violation of electoral laws was lodged by General Secretaries of BTP, DPT, DNT, and DTT against the PDP President’s video in social media. The Commission, taking cognizance of the content of the video, has issued a formal warning and imposed a fine of Nu.75,000/-.

In the wake of electoral disputes, it is the sacred duty of every Bhutanese voter to cast his/her secret ballot at the designated polling stations on 30th November, 2023, and elect the best political parties and candidates for the NA Elections, 2023-24.

Election Commission of Bhutan

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