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The Election Commission of Bhutan hereby notifies the general Public that the Bongmaan Tshogpa Demkhong under Khar Gewog, Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag, has become vacant due to the death of the Tshogpa as reported by the Gup, Khar Gewog.


As there is no eligible voter who holds the Functional Literacy Test (FLT) Certificate from that Tshogpa Demkhong, it is hereby notified that the conduct of the Bye-Election in that Tshogpa Demkhong will have to be postponed until an indication is received from the Gewog of any eligible voter to sit for FLT and stand as Candidate. It is reported that there is no eligible voter to sit for FLT at this point of time.


The Functional Literacy Certificate is a requirement as under Section 178 (d) of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008.


Issued on the Eleventh Day of the Sixth Month of the Water Female Snake Year corresponding to 19th of July 2013.


By Order


Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan


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