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Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech on the Occasion of Issue of Certificate of Election to Honourable Elected Members of Parliament to National Assembly


19th July 2013


Tashi Delek and warm welcome to all honourable Member of Parliament elects who are present here today to receive the Certificate of Election following the successful conduct of the Polls to General Elections to the National Assembly on 13th July 2013.


The Election Commission of Bhutan had the honour of receiving the Royal Decree of the His Majesty the King on 28th April 2013 calling the elections and setting the process of election in motion as per Section 187 of the Election Act of the kingdom of Bhutan, 2008. With due to obeisance to the Royal Decree calling the elections, all registered Political Parties enthusiastically participated by making the conduct of these historic National Assembly Elections 2013 very successful, for which the Election Commission of Bhutan would like to express heartfelt gratitude.


The Polls for Primary Round of Elections to the National Assembly were conducted on 31st May 2013 through which the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and the People’s Democratic Party were chosen by the voters to contest the General Elections to the National Assembly.


Accordingly, in the Polls for the General Elections to the National Assembly on 13th July 2013, the voters of Bhutan, in exercise of their franchise to choose one of the two political parties to form the second democratically elected government, elected the People’s Democratic Party as the Ruling Party with 32 National Assembly seats and the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa as the Opposition Party with 15 National Assembly seats.


The conduct of the General Elections were successful because of outstanding participation in the electoral process by all candidates of the two political parties who sincerely expressed their wishes to serve the King, Country and People with earnest dedication. I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and thank all candidates for your partaking in the elections.


The Certificate of Election to you all are being presented today with the hope and Tashi Moenlam that the second democratically elected government will conduct as per the rule of law to fulfil and serve the hopes and aspirations of the Tsa-Wa-Sum to bring unprecedented peace and prosperity.


Kadrin-che and Tashi Delek

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