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[English Translation for reference purposes only]

The Election Commission would like to inform the general public and electorate of the North Thimphu_Kawang_Lingzhi_Naro_Soe National Assembly Demkhong of Thimphu Dzongkhag on the receipt of  letter No. NAB/ACP-18/2016/163 dated 22nd of August 2016 from the Hon’ble Speaker of the Parliament of Bhutan, informing that the said  Demkhong has fallen vacant as of 11th of August 2016 upon resignation of its Member of Parliament.

Accordingly, the election process for the Bye-elections will begin in early October 2016, upon receipt of a Royal Decree and as per the provisions of the Electoral Laws, such that the election would be completed within the period of the prescribed 90 days.

The Election Schedule will be guided by the legal provisions and the necessity to ensure that the Bye-election would not overlap with the on-going Local Government elections in the four affected gewogs while at the same time ensuring that it would be possible for the Demkhong representative to attend the winter session of Parliament. It would provide the Demkhong electorate, the political parties in Parliament who would nominate the candidates, and the aspirant candidates time to process and prepare for their participation in the Bye-elections.

Issued on the 1st day of 7th Month of the Fire Male Monkey Year corresponding to 2nd of September 2016.


Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

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