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Signing of The Charter For Bhutan Democracy Dialogue


The Five Registered Political Parties of Bhutan established the Bhutan Democracy Dialogue (BDD) with the signing of the Charter for Bhutan Democracy Dialogue (BDD) with the Election Commission of Bhutan, this noon.


The BDD, is an initiative conceptualized jointly by all the Registered Political Parties as a forum for facilitating, nurturing and strengthening of the democracy in Bhutan. It will be guided by a Steering Committee comprising of two representatives each from the Registered Political Parties and the Election Commission of Bhutan. It aims to promote vibrant democracy in keeping with the will of the people wherein Political Parties engage in dialogue, cooperation and partnership as “Bhutanese First”. It also aims to build cooperation among the Parties in between elections, and human and institutional capacity of the Political Parties to strengthen and nurture the Bhutanese Democracy.


ECB released the Guidelines for Administration and Management of Support and Assistance from Non-Member Entities and Persons for Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building of Registered Political Parties in the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2014 coinciding with the signing of the Charter of BDD. The Guideline shall regulate all and any support provided to the Political Parties from individuals, corporate and entities within Bhutan and abroad (other than registered members) through the Election Commission and to facilitate institutional capacity development of the Political Parties through organization of trainings, seminars, workshops with funding, support and cooperation particularly when the sources are from other than the admissible sources of funding for Political Parties in Bhutan under the laws.


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