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Notification on Social Media

This is to inform the general public that as per Section 6.10 of the Media Coverage of Elections Rules and Regulations of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2012, the Office of the Media Arbitrator is required to monitor all media coverage including social media during the Election Period.

As such any tweet, comment or opinion of a Candidate or Political Party or their authorized representative must be in conformity with the Election Code of Conduct.

While any material placed or being placed on social media that do not undermine the provisions of the electoral laws and advisories, may remain posted on the respective sites, no new materials to be upload in the forty-eight hour period no campaign restrictions duration.

Further, all are urged to refrain either from use of Social Media under anonymous identity or fake addresses or carry out activity or post content that may adversely affect or unduly benefit the electoral prospects of a Candidate or Party.

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