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Notification on Party Workers

The Election Commission of Bhutan would like to inform the general public, Political Parties and Candidates that Section 7.7 of the Political Party Rules of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2012 specifically provides that:

“A Political Party shall not appoint more than:

7.7.1 One member as the Coordinator for each Dzongkhag;

7.7.2 One member as the Coordinator for each National Assembly Demkhong;

7.7.3 One member as the Coordinator for each Gewog; and

7.7.4 One member as the Coordinator for each Chiwog.”


Accordingly, all Political Parties and Candidate nominees are reminded to note the following:


  1. Section 4.5 of the Political Party Rules prohibits registration of new members during the Election Period except for the purpose of nominating a Candidate from the Tentative List of a Party that did not make it to the General Elections from the Primary Round as notified in ECB Notification No. ECB/NOTIF-01/2013/3684 dated 17th of May 2013;
  2. Only those persons prescribed in the aforementioned Section 7.7, in addition to office bearers and Candidates of the Political Party in the official List of Members submitted with the Letters of Intent on 5th of May 2013, can be appointed as the concerned Party’s Election and Polling Representative as per Sections 245-249 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008;
  3. Other than the persons appointed under Sl. No. 2 above, no one shall be allowed to carry out election campaigning for or on behalf of a Party or a Candidate;
  4. A Registered Member authorized by a Party and accepted by a Returning Officer to campaign shall carry the Identity Card issued by the Returning Officer of the respective Demkhong whilst on Campaign or representing the Party at any electoral event;
  5. The term “Tshogpa” shall no longer be accepted to be used while referring to Party Supporters and/or Party Workers, instead the accepted terms are Jabchorpas and/or Leyjepas as referred in Section 11 of the Political Party Rules of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2012;
  6. All officers on Election duty shall be responsible to ensure that the electorates under their jurisdictions are adequately sensitized of these requirements;
  7. National Observers shall be responsible to monitor and report instances of any person found committing prohibited electoral fraud including any illegal payments or expenditures;
  8. Any Party, Candidate or person found violating this Order shall be dealt promptly and firmly by the Election Officers on duty as per the Electoral Laws; and
  9. Any person who has any knowledge or information on commission or omission of any act in violation of Electoral Laws and had failed to report the same to an appropriate authority shall be liable for prosecution under the Electoral Laws.


By order





Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

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