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The Election Commission of Bhutan in continuation to its:
(1) Communication No.: ECB/CEC-02/2013/2556 dated 21st of March 2013 addressed to the Secretary of Ministry of Education and copies endorsed to all registered Political Parties of Bhutan; and

(2) Notification No.: ECB/PEF-8/2014/1977 dated 26th of May 2014 wherein Parties were required to conform their activities covered in their respective annual work plans to the legal framework and direct communication to Parties to refrain from visits to schools;
is pleased to inform the General Public that Democracy Clubs are being initiated in schools, through our Voter Information and Education Programme, to enable our students have better understanding on Democracy and Elections.

The programme covers the key and essential aspects of democracy and elections, including dissemination of information related to Political Parties in the country.

Above all, opportunity is being afforded to Political Parties, during an Election Period, to distribute and communicate their manifesto and other campaign materials to the general public including student voters.

Therefore, ECB would like to notify that the Political Parties shall refrain from visiting schools and tertiary Institutions, respecting the importance of these Learning Institutions as well as the undesirability of any disruption of the academic sessions and schedules.

The Election Commission of Bhutan solicits the considered understanding of the Political Parties and all concerned on this matter.

Issued on 11th of July 2014 corresponding to 14th Day of 5th Month of Wood Male Horse Year of the Bhutanese Calendar.

(Kunzang Wangdi) 

Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

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