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Declaration of the Results of Local Government Elections in the Vacant Demkhongs

The Election Commission of Bhutan is pleased to hereby declare, as required under Section 457 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2008, the Election Results of vacant Demkhongs of the Local Government Elections.

The Elections were conducted in the 18 Gewog Tshogde Tshogpa Demkhongs of the 10 Dzongkhags & 2 Thromde Tshogpa Demkhong of Motithang under Thimphu Thromde and Tashiling under Gelegphu Thromde

The names of the candidates who have been successfully elected as Tshogpas are as follows:

1HaaKar-tshogIngo_Pharikha Phurpa
2LhuentseTsaenkharDekaling_Tshochhen Tshewang Choden
3MonggarChagsakharDoongsingma_Pam Neten
4ParoDopshar-riDuezhi_Jipa Chencho
5ParoLoong-nyiJieu_Woochhu Gap Tshering
6ParoSharpaBara_Zhunggar Tshering Dorji
7Pema GatshelChhoekhorlingYargyewoong Jampel Zangpo
8Pema GatshelDechhenlingBidoongri_Yangmalashing Kinzang Chedup
9Pema GatshelDungmaedWoongborang Ugyen Dorji
10Pema GatshelKharKhengzor_Labar Ugyen Namgay
11Samdrup JongkharOrongNabar_Philooma Cheten Tshering
12SarpangGelegphu ThromdeTrashiling Passang Dorji
13ThimphuLingzhiChakphu Rinzin Choden
14ThimphuKawangChhangdagang_ Chhoekhortse_ Phajoding Tenzin Yeshey
15ThimphuNaroPagoed Chencho
16ThimphuNaroTagsidthang Tshomo
17ThimphuThimphu ThromdeMotithang Pema Yangzom
18TrongsaLangthilLangthil Nima
19Wangdue PhodrangBjenagGarzhikha_Omchheygang Kinley Gyeltshen
20Wangdue PhodrangRuebisaBjagphu Phub Wangchuk

The overall registered voter and voter turnout information are as follows:

  1. Total Registered Voters = 6703
  1. Male = 3295
  2. Female = 3408
  1. Total Number of Votes Cast = 2289 (1024 Male & 1265 Female)
  1. EVM = 2047
  2. Postal Ballot = 242
  1.  Voter Turnout = 34.15%

Further, the details of results can be viewed on the Election Commission’s web page: https://results.ecb.bt/public/lgvacant2022

The following Tshogpa Demkhongs will remain vacant as no aspiring candidates came forward to file their nomination to the concerned returning officer.

Pema GatshelChhimoongPangthang_Redingla
Samdrup JongkharSamrang Damsagang Teod
Samdrup JongkharDzongkhag ThromdeSamdrup Jongkhar Bar

It is being notified that as per Section 580 of the Election Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan, 2008, the members elected shall only serve for the remainder term of the 3rd Local Government.

The general public is also advised that the Election Petition period starts from today and ends on 20th of May 2022.

Issued on the 5th Day of the 3rd Month of the Water Male Tiger Year corresponding to 6th of May 2022.

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