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Bhutan Children’s Parliament


The Children and Teachers of 153 Democracy Clubs of Schools and Officers of the Twenty Dzongkhags and the Election Commission of Bhutan with sense of great pride inform the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan that the Constitution of the Bhutan Children’s Parliament (BCP) was adopted on the auspicious 2nd of June 2015 and signed by the Student Representatives of the 153 Democracy Clubs in the Country in the Ceremony organized by the Election Commission of Bhutan in the sacred Kuenray of Punakha Dzong.


The signing was presided over by the Hon’ble Speaker of Parliament of the Kingdom of Bhutan and honored by the presence of Venerable Machhen Zimpon, Hon’ble Education Minister, Senior Government Officials and the Local Government Leaders of Punakha Dzongkhag. The Resident Representatives and Officials of UNDP and UNICEF Offices and other guests also graced the occasion.


The Democracy Clubs were established in schools and educational institutes as mini-Election Commissions to conduct elections, organize events and activities
to promote understanding of the Bhutanese electoral system and processes, democratic governance and institutions, and encourage student participation in the decision-making process.


The Bhutan Children’s Parliament has been established to take the Democracy Clubs further by offering children the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, learn to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings. The higher forum and platform affords hands-on-experience for Children, the future Leaders who are expected to play a positive role and have a say in the social and political landscape of the country.


A Working Session with the 222 Students and 153 Teacher representatives of the Democracy Clubs, the 24 Dzongkhag Education Officers (Including 4 Thromde Education Officers) and the Election Commission of Bhutan was held in the afternoon to have a clear and common understanding on the operation and functioning of the BCP as well as sorting out coordination and other matters related to Democracy Clubs.
To mark the occasion, the BCP Website (http://bcp.election-bhutan.org.bt) was also launched and the Second edition of the Democracy Club Magazine 2015 released. We invite all to visit the website and enjoy reading the inspiring writings of our Children on Democracy and their Vision of Bhutan.
The Election Commission of Bhutan has full confidence and high hopes that the Bhutan Children’s Parliament will grow into a dynamic and useful forum of the Children of Bhutan, by the Children of Bhutan, for the Children of Bhutan contributing to the National Goal of sustaining a Vibrant Democracy as enshrined in our Drukgi Tsathrim Chenmo as Envisioned by Our Beloved Monarchs.


Media Unit
Election Commission of Bhutan

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