Statement by the Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

Statement by the Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan

Esteemed Voters of Bhutan!

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to greet each and every Bhutanese Voter, on this very auspicious occasion of celebrating the 4th National Voters’ Day in all twenty Dzongkhags.


In 2016 the Second Local Government Elections were successfully conducted. We saw an increased number of candidates participating in the elections especially, women candidates, coming forward and being elected. We are proud to inform that a total of 3,417 candidates contested the Local Government election with 1,439 being elected to various Local Government offices.


Now, as the Election Commission of Bhutan shifts its focus to the Parliamentary Election 2018, this national event – National Voters’ Day – gives platform to renew afresh our commitment to the Vibrant Democracy Envisioned by our Visionary Monarchs and enshrined in our Constitution.


Therefore, today, we celebrate this day with the theme “Mission 2018: Participation By All In The 3rd Parliamentary Elections” to celebrate this day and highlight the importance of voting and our sacred duty of exercising our franchise.


The year 2018 will once again see the Bhutanese Voters participate in the 3rd Parliamentary Election and mark 10 years since the historic first Parliamentary Elections and the endorsement of The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.


The year would also mark 15 years of the successful security operation of dislodging the Insurgents in 2003, an important milestone in ensuring the security and sovereignty of our nation under the leadership of our Great Monarchs.


Considering these special achievements of the immediate past and the introduction of democratic system of governance, we, the Bhutanese people are genuinely inspired and motivated to participate in the making of another milestone in Bhutanese history.


Thus, I would like to urge each and every Bhutanese Voter to participate in the 2018 elections not only to exercise the rights, but indeed as an opportunity to fulfill the sacred and natural responsibility through heartfelt “Tshornang”.


Tashi Deleg to the newly registered youth voters who will be, voting for the first time in the Parliamentary Election 2018 and will receive their Voter Photo Identity Card. We have a special message to our youth to participate and prove yourselves as responsible citizens who showed up and played your part.


Election Commission of Bhutan has already begun its activities towards the Parliamentary Election 2018. Each of the 20 Dzongkhag Election offices has developed individual action plans to increase voter turnout and will be implementing the activities in the coming months. The ECB will soon be conducting seminars for the aspiring and interested candidates to prepare them to contest the National Council Elections.


On behalf of the Election Commission of Bhutan, I would like to offer our profound gratitude to all Bhutanese Voters, Candidates and Political Parties for their participation in the political process and service to the Nation as well as for vesting in us their trust and confidence even as we engage in our own ways in building a vibrant democracy as envisioned by our Beloved Monarchs.


Let us All together ensure that the Third Parliamentary Elections 2018 is Free, Fair and Harmonious.


Tashi Deleg!

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