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This is a try

[The Royal Decree calling the National Council Elections and setting the process in motion – 15th of February 2018 (Thursday)]    [ECB Notification on the National Council Election Schedule- 16th of February 2018 (Friday)]   [Commencement of the Gewog Dhamngoi Zomdu Process in the Gewogs/Dzongkhag Thromdes to select Nominees – 24th of February 2018 (Saturday)]   [Last date for filing nomination – 19th of March 2018 (Monday)]   [Scrutiny of Nominations of Candidates – 20th of March 2018 (Tuesday)]    [Application for Election Campaign Fund by Candidates –  20th of March 2018 (Tuesday)]   [Commencement of the Election Campaign –  20th of March 2018 (Tuesday)]   [Freezing of the Electoral Roll – 21st of March 2018 (Wednesday)] [Release of the Election Campaign Fund, Last date for withdrawal of Candidature, Last date for receipt of Application for changes related to details from registered Postal Voters by Returning Officer, Returning Officer to initiate sending Postal Ballot to Registered Postal Voters- 36 22nd of March 2018 (Thursday)]   [Operation of Facilitation/ Mobile Booths – 12th, 13th & 14th of April 2018 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)   End of Election Campaign- 9 a.m. 18th of April 2018 (Wednesday)]  [Last day for receiving Postal Ballots – 19th of April 2018 (Thursday)]   [National Council Poll Day and Counting of Results – 20th of April 2018 (Friday)]    [Declaration of Results & Submission of the Results to His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo,Start of Election Petition Period – 21st of April 2018 (Saturday)]   [Issuance of the Certificate of Election – 24th of April 2018 (Tuesday)]    [End of Election Petition Period – 8th of May 2018 (Tuesday)] 
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